Quantum Turbulence

Intermittency of Velocity Circulation in Quantum Turbulence

The velocity circulation, a measure of the rotation of a fluid within a closed path, is a fundamental observable in classical and quantum flows. It is indeed a Lagrangian invariant in inviscid classical fluids. In quantum flows, circulation is …

Counterflow-Induced Inverse Energy Cascade in Three-Dimensional Superfluid Turbulence

Finite-temperature quantum turbulence is often described in terms of two immiscible fluids that can flow with a nonzero-mean relative velocity. Such out-of-equilibrium state is known as counterflow superfluid turbulence. We report here the emergence …

Kolmogorov and Kelvin Wave Cascades in a Generalized Model for Quantum Turbulence

The three-dimensional visualisation above shows a close up of the initial condition used in this work. The red low-density isosurface correspond to quantum vortex lines whereas the greenish rendering are density fluctuations about the bulk value. Remarkably, due to non-local interactions and highly the helical properties of the flow, helical fluctuations of density are observed unlike standard simulations of the Gross-Pitaevskii model. Incompressible kinetic energy spectrum The figure above displays the kinetic energy spectrum resulting form this initial condition.

Inhomogeneous Distribution of Particles in Coflow and Counterflow Quantum Turbulence

Particles are today the main tool to study superfluid turbulence and visualize quantum vortices. In this Rapid Communication, we study the dynamics and the spatial distribution of particles in coflow and counterflow superfluid helium turbulence in …

Quantitative Estimation of Effective Viscosity in Quantum Turbulence

Interaction between Active Particles and Quantum Vortices Leading to Kelvin Wave Generation

One of the main features of superfluids is the presence of topological defects with quantised circulation. These objects are known as quantum vortices and exhibit a hydrodynamic behaviour. Nowadays, particles are the main experimental tool used to …

Evolution of a Superfluid Vortex Filament Tangle Driven by the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation

Grid Superfluid Turbulence and Intermittency at Very Low Temperature