Three Postdoc Positions Available

Starting no later than September 2024

We are advertising two postodoc positions on the SIMONS Wave Turbulence Collaboration and one on the ANR Project QuantumVIW.

  • 2 year postdoctoral position funded by the QuantumVIW ANR Project at Laboratoire J.L. Lagrange: Quantum vortices and inertial waves in rotating superfluid helium

This postdoctoral project seeks to study the dynamics of quantum vortices in rotating superfluid helium and the transition to quantum turbulence. In particular, it aims to understand theoretically and numerically the effect of rotation and counterflow (mean relative velocity between the superfluid and the normal fluid) on the dynamics of quantum vortices and the normal fluid. The project will provide theoretical support to the experiment CryoLEM at Institut Néel. More information here

  • 1 year postdoctoral position funded by the SIMONS Foundation at Laboratoire J.L. Lagrange : Wave kinetic description of anisotropic systems: recovery of isotropy and stability

This Postdoc project aims to understand the propagation of weakly nonlinear waves in anisotropic media, such as oceans or atmospheres where internal and inertial waves propagate or situations where forcing is anisotropic. The postdoctoral researcher will investigate how nonlinear wave interactions help to recover isotropy and the stability of certain out-of-equilibrium solutions. The problem will be addressed using wave turbulence theory and analytical and numerical solutions of the associated wave kinetic equations. More information here

  • 2 year postdoctoral position funded by the SIMONS Foundation at Institut de Physique de Nice: Wave turbulence in geophysics: internal, inertial and water surface waves

The postdoc project involves developing and using the Wave Turbulence approach for describing random nonlinear waves in geophysical situations: internal and inertial waves in the ocean and atmosphere, water surface waves, planetary Rossby waves. The project includes advancing and validating the theoretical approach using the numerical simulations of the wave kinetic equations and comparing them with simulations of the dynamical fluid models, laboratory experiments and field observations. Applications to describing the ocean mixing and other transport phenomena important for weather and climate modeling will be considered. More information here

Giorgio Krstulovic
Giorgio Krstulovic
Chargé de recherche CNRS.
Head of Fluid and Plasma Turbulence group.

My research interests include classical and quantum turbulence, vortex dynamics and wave turbulence.