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Numerical simulations of superfluids

The figure above shows different numerical simulations of superfluids and particles which have been performed by members of the team. Left: A particle (in green) trapped by a quantum vortex (in red) simulated by the Gross-Pitaevskii model. Top right: An Abrikosov lattice of a low-temperature superfluid under rotation obtained using the Gross-Piteavskii model. Top left: A superfluid vortex ring (green) accompanied by two normal fluid rings obtained from a fully coupled model of superfluid helium at finite temperatures.

Are you interested in joining the team and learning more about superfluids? Look at these two master internship projects:

Trapped particles in quantum vortices

Quantum vortices in rotating superfluid helium

Giorgio Krstulovic
Giorgio Krstulovic
Chargé de recherche CNRS

My research interests include classical and quantum turbulence, vortex dynamics and wave turbulence.