FOUCAULT : A self-consistent model of quantum turbulence in superfluid Helium

Superfluid turbulence at finite temperature. Quantum vortices represented by the green filaments interact and modify the turbulent normal fluid which vorticity fluctuation are rendered in black-red-yellow colors

The aim of our project is the elaboration of a realistic model of quantum turbulence for superfluid Helium. This new model describes the “normal fluid” and the “superfluid” components of the flow by using the Navier-Stokes equations and the vortex filament method respectively.

Peculiar to our approach is the modeling of the mutual interaction between these components. This mutual interaction plays an essential role in determining the similarities (and the differences) between QT and classical turbulence (CT).

Our new model is called FOUCAULT for Fully cOUpled loCAl model of sUperfLuid Turbulence. It allows for the study of well developed quantum turbulent states. A publication describing in detail the model can be found here

This project is funded by the Royal Society International Exchange Grant n.IES:R2-181176 in collaboration with the Quantum Fluid team of Newcastle University, in particular with Luca Galantucci.

Giorgio Krstulovic
Giorgio Krstulovic
Chargé de recherche CNRS.
Head of Fluid and Plasma Turbulence group.

My research interests include classical and quantum turbulence, vortex dynamics and wave turbulence.